The Headliner Vocals Studio located in Centennial, Colorado is no longer open.

Thank you for an amazing 4 years.


Group & Private
Voice Lessons


Your favorite Songs


With your friends


Your new favorite Hobby

Are you tired of the same old after-school sport and clubs?
Are you looking for something new and fun to try?

girls singing together

Are you tired of the same old after-school sport and clubs?
Are you looking for something new and fun to try?

Learn to SING with individual or group voice lessons at Headliner Vocals so you can take the stage and own the spotlight!

Don't just listen to
your favorite songs


Think "choir" sounds boring? (We agree!)

At Headliner Vocals, You'll love learning to sing.

Find your voice and light up
your world

Choose group or individual lessons, or invite all your friends to a great party!


Sing the songs you love with groups of all ages and experience levels.


Develop your voice and confidence so you can own the spotlight.


At Headliner Vocals it's easy to throw a Karaoke Party they'll never forget.

Don't miss the chance to


Get Inspired

When you’re singing in the car, isn’t there a part of you that imagines yourself on stage with thousands of adoring fans?
At Headliner Vocals we’re outfitted with cranking PA system and colorful stage lights to give you a sense of the big stage.

Celebrate You

Whether it’s understanding, excitement, love, or any other emotion… Music provides a connection that is personal.
No question, singing is about proper technique and training, but it is also about your passion and individuality.

Chart Your Success

Are you Looking for singing lessons to take you to the next level, maybe land a lead role in the musical? Are you Wanting to throw a party where everyone walks away on a high-note?
We’re dedicated to being part of your singing journey, and celebrating with you along the way.

Find Your People

We’re completely dedicated to singing. Within our walls you’ll find people of all ages and levels who share a passion: Singing!

Scientific studies show that people who sing together are more likely to build deeper relationships. Singers unite!

Get ready to sing in 3 easy Steps

Choose your class

We have a variety of group classes to choose from, for all levels of experience and all ages. (Or you can choose to go solo with individual lessons!)
Try a week free to find your best fit.

Find your Voice

When you learn to sing with proper technique - to songs you love - the world of music opens up to you. Whether you're shooting for the stage, or just want to enjoy singing, we'll help you get there.

Own The Spotlight

It's amazing what happens when you have a strong, clear voice. It's like Magic. You'll gain confidence in every area of your life. No matter where your "stage" is in life, you'll be ready to own the spotlight.


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