Your Path to the Starts Here...

Your Path to the Spotlight Starts Here...

Whether it's Voice Lessons, Choir, or Karaoke, You deserve to be singing music that you a place that inspires you.

I love singing. I love it, and it doesn't feel like a chore. It's an expression.


A Better Singing Experience

Designed to Inspire Your Singing

When you're singing in the car, isn't there a part of you that imagines yourself on stage with thousands of adoring fans? We're outfitted with cranking PA systems and colorful stage lights to give a sense of the big stage.

We Celebrate Your Individuality

Whether it's understanding, excitement, love, or any other provides a connection that is personal. No question, singing is about proper technique and training, but it is also about your passion and individuality.

Dedicated To Your Success

Are you looking for singing lessons to take you to the next level, land a lead role in the musical. Are you wanting to throw a party where everyone walks away on a high-note? We're dedicated to being part of your singing journey, and celebrating with you along the way.

Be Part of a Family Of Singers

We're completely dedicated to singing. Within our walls you'll find people of all ages and levels who share a passion: singing. Scientific studies show that people who sing together are more likely to build deeper relationships. Singers Unite!

Free First Week

(for new students)

Our vocal classes (a.k.a. Choirs that Rock) give you the opportunity to pick your favorite genre, sing together with others that have similar musical interests, and perform on stage in front of a big audience. While private singing lessons are great for giving an individual focus, the vocal classes provide benefits such as learning how to blend and harmonize, teamwork, making friends, and having fun!

We offer a FREE WEEK of vocal classes for new students and encourage you to attend as many as your schedule will allow in order to see which classes fit best for you.

Click the Learn More button (below) to learn how to get started.

Our goal in private singing lessons is to find out what your goals are, and to design an action plan to get you results.

Our coaches are highly trained vocalists and have the experience to take your singing to the next level.

Getting started is easy! Click on the Private Singing Lessons button below to meet the coaches and to start your journey!​

Celebrate your next event with a karaoke party that everyone will remember. Birthdays, corporate events, team parties, or just because…let us host your party so you can be the hero that gets all the credit.

Our karaoke song database has over 30,000 songs and is constantly being updated. This means that your guests will get to sing the songs they’re passionate about. Click the Let’s Party button below for more information and to request your party.

Feedback from Current Singers and their Families

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