Alexa Kilgore started out performing with her mom’s old band equipment in the living room of her family home. For as long as she can remember, Alexa has been passionate about two things: music and dogs.

Alexa currently works as a music therapist with adolescents with severe trauma, abuse, and neglect. Alexa started her journey studying music therapy in 2010 at Drury University and never gave it up. She loves helping kids navigate how to use music as a coping skill and believes that anyone can benefit from music. You will often see Alexa carrying her guitar around outside of work as well as she performs each weekend at a variety of venues. Alexa started playing professionally, writing her own songs, and getting paid to do it at the age of 14. Alexa also started getting involved in musical theatre and classical vocal training. At her community theatre, she played several roles including Jasmine in Aladdin, Jr. and Kelsi Nielsen in High School Music 1 & 2. In 2011, Alexa and her sister, Alea, auditioned for The Voice. Alea and Alexa (also known as the Kilgore Sisters) flew out to LA from Missouri and got a call back from the producers of the show. Although they did not make it on to the TV show, this was a turning point for the Kilgore Sisters. They continued to perform all over the Midwest and eventually Alexa went solo when her sister moved to Denver. Alexa continued her music career and music therapy career, which eventually led her to Denver as well.You can find Alexa with her dog, Iggy, or even picking up stray dogs. Alexa would like to start her own dog rescue in the next year.

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