Maia Samuel has been groomed for working at Headliners since she was a baby, she just didn’t know it. Jay first met Maia in the hospital when she was first born as her father was a friend and co-worker with Jay. Fast forward to when Jay and Jeni realized that we needed help with running the Headliners front desk, Jay thought of Maia. After chatting with her for just a few minutes, it was easy to see that Maia was a great fit!

Since graduating from Cherry Creek High School, Maia has gone on to study computer programming and development. She has worked in customer service and in technical roles.

Maia is a natural go-getter and a leader. She’s also thoughtful and organized. She loves the Headliners students and wants to make sure they have a fantastic experience. Though she is not a singer herself, she is just as excited to watch the students grow and perform as anyone.