Headliner Vocals Crew - Peyton Hammond

Peyton Hammond

Jeni and Jay met Peyton through her mom who was recording an audio book at our studio. Peyton was so personable, confident, and well spoken that Jeni and Jay agreed that they needed to find a way to bring her into the Headliners family.

Peyton has always had a passion for music. She’s been practicing guitar for a couple years and has also been teaching herself piano. Headliners sparked her passion for music and singing and she’s had the pleasure of taking private lessons with the very talented Coach Lizzy. She feels that the connections that she’s made with her fellow crew and the clients/families of Headliners are ones she’s sure will last a lifetime.

You can find her out-and-about at concerts any time of year for artists big and small. Her dream is to one day be up on the stage; it is a dream she shares with the kids at Headliners. Peyton also loves being a part of a business that inspires younger generations to follow their passions all the way to the spotlight.