Shelby Maxwell is a from-the-heart vocalist and musician, firmly believing anyone can benefit from finding a connection to music, no matter the type.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she grew up with a passion for performance of all types. After discovering her love for the arts in high school, she attended Cleveland State University on an acting scholarship, where she pursued her degree in theatre. As she was attending school, she was also gaining experience from working with companies such as Cleveland Play House and Playhouse Square, two major players in the regional theatre industry. She believes that starting as a young performer herself helped mold her teaching methods, understanding that even the smallest of victories, such as hitting a difficult note for the first time, often inspired the students she was working with more than anything.

A few years later, Shelby started work on her deepest passion, music. What started as recording cover songs in her room with her ukulele, eventually turned into getting signed and working on her own music with multi-platinum producers in Los Angeles and Nashville. These next few years gave her a small insight into the music business that most young and upcoming artists are unfamiliar with. She enjoys sharing these experiences with those who are curious about some of the inner workings of the industry, and only hopes that it may be helpful to other young artists who seek to learn more about the professional side of music.

In between owning a business and being a mom, Shelby still enjoys writing, playing, and singing all types of songs, believing each genre brings something special to the world of music as a whole. She looks forward to sharing her passion, connection, and love of music with others, knowing how positively it can influence even the youngest or oldest of people with its universal language.

$65 per hour (30 & 45 minute options are also available)

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