Sky Denhof is a young, but well trained and passionate vocalist and musician. She has studied years of choir and solo performing in honors chorals and even took classes at our very own studio! She is great with kiddos and her goal is to make learning music an experience that each and every student looks forward to and gets excited about.

Currently a new graduate, Sky works as a cake decorator at Dairy Queen and is going to Metropolitan State University in the fall with plans to continue her adventure in music there. She is excited about her journey at Headliners as it has been a goal of hers ever since the studio opened.

Though vocal training, performance training, and music theory are all very important topics she loves to teach, she is also all about the experience and self-growth. As a shy girl growing up, diving into music and performing was able to bring her more confidence than anyone ever imagined, and she has grown ever since. She believes the importance of learning self-confidence, working with others, and being a supportive and valuable member of our studio and the community at large can help any passionate musician thrive.

Sky was able to learn so much from her former coaches here at Headliners and elsewhere, and she couldn’t be more thankful for them helping her understand and be so successful at the thing she loves doing the most, singing. Moving forward she hopes to help others find that passion just as she once did, and can’t wait for the next steps in doing so with the new generations of rock stars coming in.

$70 per hour (30 & 45 minute options are also available)

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Coach Sky