Cayden’s story – building confidence while singing.

Cayden (he’s the cutie in the green shirt below) has been in vocal lessons for almost a year now and I wanted to take some time to look back and reflect on how much he has grown. For those who are in the Highlands Ranch, CO area, make sure to check out Headliner Vocals at They currently have summer choirs and camps that are starting to fill up fast!

Singing is an integral part of human life, and is recognized as one of the most natural means of musical expression for children (Campbell, 1998). In the early childhood years children often spontaneously sing as they play and the early childhood centre is often a nucleus of much unconstrained and natural music making (Bodkin-Allen, 2009Campbell, 1998Nardo, Custodero, Persellin, & Fox, 2006Willberg, 2001). Hmm, makes a lot of sense! He had it in him all along but just needed some help on how to harness his singing abilities.

A year ago, Cayden was very shy and didn’t have a lot of friends except for a few here and there that he hung out with at recess. Since going to Headliner Vocals, he’s found several life-long friends and a wealth of confidence that I didn’t know was hidden inside of him!

For real! It can really turn your kids from having low self-esteem to being a rockstar in months. Although, one should note that it all depends on the vocal coach you choose for your child as well. We took our time to decide the best place for our family and eventually ended up at Headliners. Our only regret is that we didn’t try them out sooner. Seriously.

Here’s a few other benefits of singing for children:

  • It gets the endorphins flowing in the brain. This causes the body to feel good and increases the brains activity. 
  • It helps a child learn to concentrate on a task.
  • It can help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

So what made the difference for us in choosing Headliners compared to other schools? First and foremost, they put the kids first. And that’s each kid. Each kid at Headliners feels so special and they love to go there to hangout even when they don’t have classes. It is quite literally, the cool place to be.

The coaches and staff are just freaking awesome. Cayden has learned so much more here than singing as a result. He has learned to make the perfect paper airplane, the value of hard work by helping the staff to clean up (willingly because he wants to help his friends), and the importance of being a leader in class and helping others who may be starting for the first time.

If you’re looking for a vocal coach for your student, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Is the coach properly trained?
  • Do they work well with kids?
  • Do they have a resumé with proper experience on it?
  • Do they teach the type of music your child is interested in?
  • What other opportunities do they offer?

If you live in the Highlands Ranch, CO area and are looking for a vocal coach, Headliner Vocals offers a free week trial, so you don’t have anything to lose! Give them a call at 720-403-8253, email them at, or stop in to see them at 8200 S Colorado Blvd Suite A, Centennial, CO 80122.

If you don’t live in the area, make sure to ask questions, view current classes and sessions, and that it’s comfortable for your family. If it’s not, don’t feel like you can’t look elsewhere to find the perfect fit.

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