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We are not a music school that does voice lessons on the side. We are all vocals, all the time. This means you will have resources available that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Our private voice lesson studios include vocal recording booths that produce high-quality recordings. This gives you the ability to experience recording and track your progress.

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From showcase concerts, group performances, community events, and other performances like the The Peoples Fair, you’ll get the opportunity to be on stage and #OwnTheSpotlight.

Vocal Coaches

McCartney Satterwhite

McCartney Satterwhite

Headliner Vocals Coach

McCartney Satterwhite is a lifelong vocalist and instrumentalist and is passionate about helping aspiring vocalists achieve their goals.

McCartney has been involved in musical theater and community choirs from a very young age, and has since stayed heavily involved in music and theatrical programs, both in school and in the community. She has been in productions such as “Annie,” “The Sound of Music,” “Lost Socks,” “Passing Go!,” “Seussical,” and “A Little Princess”. While in school, She was a member of the all-region choir and band for four years, and afterwards attended College in Texas on a music scholarship. She was a member of four different musical groups; chorale, show choir, chamber singers, and concert band, and was elected section leader for the Texas All State Choir in San Antonio for two years.

Currently, she works both as a teacher at Shiloh house, and as a coach that lives and breathes Headliner Vocals. As one of the original coaches at Headliners, she’s had a major role in coaching vocal group classes and private lesson students in the Headliner performances and concerts. She is constantly looking forward to seeing how much her students grow from one concert to the next! McCartney is thrilled to be a part of the Headliners team, and looks forward to helping you grow as a vocalist!

$75 per hour (30 minute & 45 minute options also available)

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Coach McCartney

Sky Denhof

Sky Denhof

Headliner Vocals Coach

Sky Denhof is a young, but well trained and passionate vocalist and musician. She has studied years of choir and solo performing in honors chorals and even took classes at our very own studio! She is great with kiddos and her goal is to make learning music an experience that each and every student looks forward to and gets excited about.

Currently a new graduate, Sky works as a cake decorator at Dairy Queen and is going to Metropolitan State University in the fall with plans to continue her adventure in music there. She is excited about her journey at Headliners as it has been a goal of hers ever since the studio opened.

Though vocal training, performance training, and music theory are all very important topics she loves to teach, she is also all about the experience and self-growth. As a shy girl growing up, diving into music and performing was able to bring her more confidence than anyone ever imagined, and she has grown ever since. She believes the importance of learning self-confidence, working with others, and being a supportive and valuable member of our studio and the community at large can help any passionate musician thrive.

Sky was able to learn so much from her former coaches here at Headliners and elsewhere, and she couldn’t be more thankful for them helping her understand and be so successful at the thing she loves doing the most, singing. Moving forward she hopes to help others find that passion just as she once did, and can’t wait for the next steps in doing so with the new generations of rock stars coming in.

$65 per hour (30 & 45 minute options are also available)

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Coach Sky

Jeevee Balangan

Jeevee Balangan

Headliner Vocals Coach

Jeevee Balangan coaches private lessons, Adult Choir, and the Headliner Vocals elite singing groups (Silver and Diamond).

He holds a Bachelor Degree with a Dual Emphasis in Music Business and Commercial Vocal Performance from The College of Arts and Media (CAM) at the University of Colorado Denver and an Associates of Music degree from the Community College of Denver. He graduated Magna Cum Laude at both institutions. Jeevee is a 1st place competition winner for the Donna Bogard Scholarship for Voice, a recipient of the Mike Barney Scholarship for Gifted Music Students, a consecutive College of Arts and Media Dean’s List Scholar for all years attended at CU, an Honorary Mention for the National Association Teachers of Singing Competition, and an inductee of Phi Theta Kappa and Golden Key International Honor Societies.

Originally from the Bay Area, Jeevee has had the pleasure of working with many artist from different backgrounds of musical styles including Pop, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Musical Theater, Hip-Hop and Gospel. Jeevee has toured with the Diablo Valley College Concert Choir, the 9th St. Singers (runner up at Mile High Vocal Jam) and CU Denver’s Musical Theater Ensemble. His performance credits include The Wiz, Godspell, Into the Woods as well as being a founding member of FIFTH (Fellas in Fine Tune Harmony) a R&B group based in the Bay Area. He has immense experience in gospel and has served as Music Director to various churches.

He has studied with notable Denver music teachers including, professional Jazz pianist Drew Morell, award winning director Dr. Erin Hackel, and Gene Roberts whose the vocal coach to Isaac Slade of The Fray, Flobots, Jonas Sees in Color, The Kinetix, The Heyday, and The Rouge.

Additionally, Jeevee worked as music intern for Mulinger Publishing, where he gained hands on experience as an Artist and Repertoire Coordinator working with performing rights organizations ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. He is the founder of Samonte Productions, an artist development company he started his senior year of college as his capstone project.

Jeevee believes in the philosophy that, “behind every great artist is a great teacher.” It is with this mentality that has ignited his passion to teach music. He believes in the study of technique that frees true musical expression. Through his experience in the study of voice, he has gained an in-depth understanding of training the adolescent male singing voice.

$70 per hour (45 minute option is also available)

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Coach Jeevee

Shelby Maxwell

Shelby Maxwell

Headliner Vocals Coach

Shelby Maxwell is a from-the-heart vocalist and musician, firmly believing anyone can benefit from finding a connection to music, no matter the type.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she grew up with a passion for performance of all types. After discovering her love for the arts in high school, she attended Cleveland State University on an acting scholarship, where she pursued her degree in theatre. As she was attending school, she was also gaining experience from working with companies such as Cleveland Play House and Playhouse Square, two major players in the regional theatre industry. She believes that starting as a young performer herself helped mold her teaching methods, understanding that even the smallest of victories, such as hitting a difficult note for the first time, often inspired the students she was working with more than anything.

A few years later, Shelby started work on her deepest passion, music. What started as recording cover songs in her room with her ukulele, eventually turned into getting signed and working on her own music with multi-platinum producers in Los Angeles and Nashville. These next few years gave her a small insight into the music business that most young and upcoming artists are unfamiliar with. She enjoys sharing these experiences with those who are curious about some of the inner workings of the industry, and only hopes that it may be helpful to other young artists who seek to learn more about the professional side of music.

In between owning a business and being a mom, Shelby still enjoys writing, playing, and singing all types of songs, believing each genre brings something special to the world of music as a whole. She looks forward to sharing her passion, connection, and love of music with others, knowing how positively it can influence even the youngest or oldest of people with its universal language.

$65 per hour (30 & 45 minute options are also available)

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Coach Shelby

Alexa Kilgore

Alexa Kilgore

Headliner Vocals Coach

Alexa Kilgore started out performing with her mom’s old band equipment in the living room of her family home. For as long as she can remember, Alexa has been passionate about two things: music and dogs.

Alexa currently works as a music therapist with adolescents with severe trauma, abuse, and neglect. Alexa started her journey studying music therapy in 2010 at Drury University and never gave it up. She loves helping kids navigate how to use music as a coping skill and believes that anyone can benefit from music. You will often see Alexa carrying her guitar around outside of work as well as she performs each weekend at a variety of venues. Alexa started playing professionally, writing her own songs, and getting paid to do it at the age of 14. Alexa also started getting involved in musical theatre and classical vocal training. At her community theatre, she played several roles including Jasmine in Aladdin, Jr. and Kelsi Nielsen in High School Music 1 & 2. In 2011, Alexa and her sister, Alea, auditioned for The Voice. Alea and Alexa (also known as the Kilgore Sisters) flew out to LA from Missouri and got a call back from the producers of the show. Although they did not make it on to the TV show, this was a turning point for the Kilgore Sisters. They continued to perform all over the Midwest and eventually Alexa went solo when her sister moved to Denver. Alexa continued her music career and music therapy career, which eventually led her to Denver as well.You can find Alexa with her dog, Iggy, or even picking up stray dogs. Alexa would like to start her own dog rescue in the next year.

$70 per hour (30 & 45 minute options are also available)

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Coach Alexa

Greg Sonnier

Greg Sonnier

Headliner Vocals Coach

Greg Sonnier is a classically trained singer and musician who has been singing for as long as he can remember. He has a wide range of musical experiences, from playing lead characters in musicals to performing classic rock in a volunteer band. He can help you with a variety of different styles and genres, from Hamilton to Dream Theater to Italian arias and everything in between!

After spending two years as the music director for the University of Denver’s premier a cappella group Exit 205, Greg knows how to direct and coach music, both for groups as well as individuals. On top of teaching you the vocal techniques you need to make beautiful music, Greg can also teach you music theory and give you a foundation upon which you can improve for the rest of your life! Additionally, he can help fine-tune and polish techniques with more experienced singers.

With Greg’s knowledge combined with his passion for music, he can’t wait to get started on helping you reach your goals!

$50 per hour (30 minute & 45 minute options also available)

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Coach Greg

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Peyton Hammond

Jeni and Jay met Peyton through her mom who was recording an audio book at our studio. Peyton was so personable, confident, and well spoken that Jeni and Jay agreed that they needed to find a way to bring her into the Headliners family.Peyton has always had a passion for music. She’s been practicing guitar for a couple years and has also been teaching herself piano. Headliners sparked her passion for music and singing and she’s had the pleasure of taking private lessons with the very talented Coach Lizzy. She feels that the connections that she’s made with her fellow crew and the clients/families of Headliners are ones she’s sure will last a lifetime.You can find her out-and-about at concerts any time of year for artists big and small. Her dream is to one day be up on the stage; it is a dream she shares with the kids at Headliners. Peyton also loves being a part of a business that inspires younger generations to follow their passions all the way to the spotlight.